Best Live Casino Accepted Bitcoins

Ah, those were the days! The eyes of the dealer and other opponents on you as you placed your bet, the shouts and murmurs of excitement when someone won a hand, the cigar fumes, the glass of whisky in the right hand. Remember?

Well, maybe not—only few could afford that. Thankfully, the world doesn’t stand still. We can enjoy technological advances like smartphones, Internet and live Bitcoin casinos.

What is BTC?

Bitcoin is a peer to peer payment system using digital currency.

Virtual money is replacing other currencies. You can purchase Bitcoins to put in your account on the basis of the exchange rate, which is current as of a given date, and make other deposits and withdrawal transactions needed for online gambling environment through the BTC.

Where is Bitcoin Legal?

Agent 007 sniffed out everything about the legality of gambling with digital currency. He’s ready to give you the true facts and clear away the misconceptions.

The majority of bank institutions are aware of Bitcoins and take a dim view of the method. As with anything new, original and not yet mainstream, this isn’t surprising. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

Iceland and Vietnam are the only places where the currency is illegal; the rest of the world is divided into allowed, in dispute and uncertain parts. The USA and Canada are among those where Bitcoin is permitted.

Use Bitcoins? Play Live Dealer Casinos!

If you get used to the service, using it in the gambling house is no problem. Online casinos also support it and allow you to make transactions for a real cash session with live dealers by means of the method.

Cloud Wallets

The weightless, but valued cloud wallet lets you create a virtual, electronic database space with all your personal information available offline. There you can keep your Bitcoin data and use it for payments anywhere in the world.

Software Wallets

There is another way to manage your payment details: the software wallet. This makes use of downloadable programs that run from your computer. It’s another very convenient way to pay.

live casino with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Exchanges

Making a direct purchase via a real money account is easy to do through every trusted bitcoin exchange. As such transactions are not legally acknowledged, you should seek out the rate that’s appropriate for you.

BTC and Hybrid Casinos

You should always take precautionary measures when you explore new things, new live games and new forms of money. Stick to proven and official bitcoin casinos, most of which accept both Bitcoin and traditional currency.

Bitcoin Casino Checklist

Safety should be your absolute priority when dealing with digital currency payments.  Look into the security of any casino you register with. If you are interested in BTC banking option availability, our review offers you the truth on this and other gambling house features. We recommend only those that play fair and have a solid reputation among real money players. Check out what we found.

Bitcoin Foundation Members

The members are a group of online operators providing live betting services. The creation of Bitcoin made such a system necessary, and the e-currency’s founders were behind the creation of Bitcoin Casino.

Licensed Casinos

You will never regret exploring the licensed establishments on the internet. With our reviews you will get info at the bottom of the casino page about licenses, including which regulatory body gave it, when and where. The same situation applies here as to Bitcoin availability: don’t trust all write-ups, and make sure for yourself that you’ll be able to receive payments.


Another recognizable hallmark of a qualified house is a proven, well-known software brand that provides you with first class games. These include Microgaming, NYX, Playtech, Rival, RTG, Aristocrat, and Net Entertainment.

Play Secure and Save Money

If you need a tutorial or detailed explanation of playing for coins, you can find the material online. There you will get the step-by-step guide on what steps to take. What’s more, you will see the common mistakes made and how to act in a given situation.

International Currency

This form of money is for all players and known already around the globe. It works the same way as  normal currency, but with a difference in the materials. We’re all familiar with cash you can hold in your hand, but Bitcoin is made up of code. You can’t hold it, but you can save it on your computer or USB stick.

live dealer casino with Bitcoins

Devaluation is Impossible

It acts like any other financial investment in that it can suffer devaluation. For example, if demand goes up, the price rises with it, and if demand goes down, the value declines.

Completely Safe and Anonymous

The system has the most durable protection and works anonymously. Everyone can see the transaction information, but the personal data is hidden from Internet users.

0% Transaction Fees for Casino Players

Our analysis has shown that most Bitcoin live casino members have chosen it because of the lack of fees for operations. For instance, some of the other available banking methods take from $5 to $50 for a single transaction—either deposit or withdrawal.

Bonuses in Bitcoin Gambling Houses

It’s safe, fast and effective to play for Bitcoins in the live dealer gambling houses, which offer various bonus programs for newbies and already registered thrill seekers.

First Deposit Bonuses

For starters, you can grab free spins or bit-cash for free, or for the minimum contribution transferred to an already created account. Take a look at the terms and read over the wagering requirement paragraph to know if the withdrawing conditions suit you.

Second Deposit Bonuses

After having tested the place and made sure its RTP is over 97%, you can take advantage of another offer, given for crediting the account a second time. This may be a match bonus, where your payment sum is reflected in the same amount, but other special offers are available too.

VIP Bonuses

VIP bonus propositions deliver the maximum benefits for players. No others come close, but to get such benefits, you need to gamble in live roulette, baccarat etc. every day and spend a lot of money. But if you like and can afford the thrilling pastime of VIP gambling, these bonuses are customized to meet your needs.