Best Live Dealer Casinos to Play Blackjack

Got the urge to take a risk?  Then what are you waiting for? Agent 007 gets the answers for you and presents the top online casinos with Live Dealer option. Now you can relish your favorite Blackjack games in real-time mode and connect with the dealer and other players immediately. It’s online gambling like you always wanted it to be.

How Blackjack Live Dealer Works

The system is easy, with no complicated rules involved. In fact, any player can handle enjoy a 21 game if they desire. You simply place a stake and get cards dealt to you. Next, check your cards and decide what to do (perhaps you want to change a card, use a feature, etc.). Then you reveal your hand and the winner is declared.

Live Dealer Blackjack Table

Once you enter Live Dealer and pick a game, get ready to join the other players. These amusements do not just start when you come in. You must pick a table, and all the active players are shown with their logins and stakes. Observing the process, you can make your own bet as soon as your turn comes and continue with the rest of members.

Chat with Dealer

Another convenient feature of the live pastime is the chat box. You are allowed to enter the chat and communicate with the dealer online. This makes the whole thing more realistic and fun. Besides, it is more convenient to get your questions answered.

Live Dealer Blackjack Screenshots

Agent 007 doesn’t take anything on hearsay—he experiences everything himself. When you observe his video reviews of Blackjack, you’ll see him playing with basic strategy and making real cash deposits. Here he analyzes how fast and simply one can withdraw the money and other key points about a game.

Blackjack in the Best Live Casinos

Basic Strategy

This is a game whose results depend on you and your decisions. Picking the right plan is crucial to your gains. Learn all the variety of the game, start playing with low bets, read reviews and watch videos of real players. Be ahead of the game and no tricks will get in your way.


Do you feel like playing Blackjack for real cash? Then you’ll need to visit the Cashier and pick a banking option to make an investment. Read the terms of the portal carefully and find out the amount of the min deposit you are permitted to place. Your pastime is about to get a lot more exciting.

Payment Types

The variations of payments include credit/debit cards, web wallets, instant banking and other options. What is required from you is to search of each one and determine which conditions meet your plans and preferences. Some may include fees; others can be unavailable for withdrawing and serve for deposits only. Security should also be taken into consideration.

Which Currency to Use to Bet with

Depending on the country you are playing from, you will have your own preferences. Happily, numerous banking methods include multiple currencies and you can use whatever is more convenient for you. Converting the funds isn’t what you want to spend time on when playing Blackjack.

Funding Speed

When making deposits, everything goes quickly, unlike it’s time to withdraw cash. The process may take some time if the sum is big; you may also be asked to present some personal documents. Personal info is also required when the withdrawal method differs from the deposit one, or if the account wasn’t active for a while.

Live Casino and Blackjack

Are You a Fan of Blackjack? Need More?

Blackjack is famous—not only among gamblers, but everywhere. It’s not just about strategies, rules, seriousness, money winnings, etc. For many members, the aim is to have fun. Achieving that goal is just a matter of picking the right entertainment.

Movies with Blackjack

Many novels and movies center around Blackjack, and even include gameplay with strategies and rules. Just take the famous Rain Man and the hero, Dustin Hoffman. The character reveals numerous secrets about how to win the game. The book The Blackjack Hijack by Charles Einstein even was made into a movie later. There are films called 21 and Beat the Dealer which are totally dedicated to our beloved game.

Blackjack Legends

Having written game-changing books about Blackjack, Standford Wong became a legend of the game very quickly. Playing on the same team, Ken Uston and Al Francesco are also 21 game legends. It’s not just men who were engaged in the league of popular players. Erica Schoenberg started card games when she was 5 and improved her skills through the years. Experiencing the game, maybe you’ll also become a master!

Interesting Facts about Blackjack

Did you know that there are blackjack terms borrowed from baseball? ‘First base’ is the spot on the left of the dealer, while ‘third base’ is on the right. The first variant of the game was created 500 years ago, and it got its name in 1890s. More is known now than ever about the best strategies: According to statistics, you are more likely to lose when doubling down. Moreover, the fewer decks a game includes, the better for players. Try the amusements to the full and you will reveal more secrets of the game you didn’t know before.