Best Live Dealer Casinos to Play Roulette

Fresh, exciting, live. You haven’t experienced such feelings at your computer before. As soon as the online pastime begins, it opens the door to hidden treasures. Roulette is played everywhere, and there’s almost no one who doesn’t know the rules and the scheme of the game. But before jumping into the deep end, you must decide which casino to join.

The site you pick determines how smooth and safe your gameplay will be. Some reliable houses provide all the necessary conditions; they even let you watch a tutorial to get some tips. Still, only having analysed the top ones you can select the winner. Here we have collected only the best casinos.

Software Providers for Live Dealer Casino

Only the top providers present several formats of play. Don’t get surprised to see the names Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Visionary iGaming and others repeatedly. These are the leading providers, and they to offer you Roulette and other games in Live Dealer version.

Being adherents of secure and convenient gaming, they provide software with numerous licenses, a range of games, availability to play other amusements concurrently, and variety of dealers. You can also experience games of luck through your phone or table, because most sites are compatible with different gadgets.

Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Casinos

We have good news and bad news. Which one to start with? Well, let’s save pleasant things for last. Double check your internet connection; if it is poor, the game will turn out to be torture. And be ready for the stakes to rise and the game to increase in intensity. Your good time also depends on a fun and communicative dealer. With boring ones, things look bad.

Play Roulette with Live Dealer Casino

That’s it for the negatives. But how about the positive side? You just sit in your favorite comfy chair and take part in a casino game with numerous other players.

Moreover, you can observe the fun first before joining and making bets. Communicating with the dealer is no sweat; with online chat you can get all the rules first hand. Gamers from different countries are a great way to make new friends and get to know them.

Is Live Roulette rigged?

Not at all! The game is as random as if you were at a land casino. Still, there is one difference, which you can’t help but feel. There is no way to see if any wobble in the table exists, or detect a bias with the chosen table. This is normal—not everything can be displayed on the screen as if you were seeing it in real life.

Still, there are set numerous cameras to show the action. And, as in land houses, the moves are regulated tightly. Even when you don’t see them, all eyes are concentrated on the dealer. That is why no rigging of the games can be conducted in anyone’s favor. Only your luck determines the winner.

Random Number Generators versus Live Dealers

The Dealer is standing right in front of you and the only thing that differs from real land-based casinos is that you don’t see other players, only their names. Once you start playing, the random number generator gets activated. The main point for you is that the payout percentage of the game should be quite similar to the one in on-site houses.

Let the dealer accept bets and start the entertainment. The atmosphere is as realistic as possible; the only thing for you to worry about is having fun and playing your best. Money winnings are gained by players with this positive frame of mind.

Live Dealer Roulette Tables

The variety of tables ranges according to your likings and gaming aims. They are divided by the type of player, languages (including English, German, Russian, etc.) and other criteria. You can choose a VIP table providing high stakes for risk-loving men and women. And you are free to choose either 3D or classic views of the design. In the end, no one but you knows what exactly you need.

More about Roulette

The better you know something, the more confident you are about it. Learn all the details connected with Roulette and feel like a master, without even having experience. Brush up on your knowledge and it is much easier to watch others playing, because you know why they take this or that action and what you would do instead of them. Diving deeper, you’ll improve your knowledge and wits.

Experience Live Roulette in the Best Casino


Bonjour! Did you know that the first version of Roulette was created in France in the 18th century? There was even a novel describing the game rules, titled La Roulette, ou le Jour. In 1790s, the wheels of the entertainment had red for single and black for double zeros. Then a green color was selected for zeros. By the 19th century the game was already famous all over Europe and the USA. With all the changes and varieties, by 2008, hundred casinos were in existence which offer Roulette games.

Where Live Dealer Situated?

It varies, but Live casinos are usually located in Europe and Malta. It is rarer to encounter them in the US, because real money stakes are forbidden in the country in most states. If you have a question, feel free to join Live Chat and ask the dealer. They will be more than glad to tell you about their location.

Roulette Winners

The world is big, and the winnings of Roulette are even bigger. The champions all over the globe prove that once there is a desire, nothing will stop you from getting the highest jackpot. Happily, the list of lucky devils is long, and gets longer all the time.

  • Ashley Revell won $135,500 in 2004
  • Charles Wells won ₣2 million in 1891
  • Mike Ashley won £820,000 in 2008
  • Joseph Jagger won $375,000 in 1873
  • Chris Boyd won $220,000

The only difference between you and the world champions is that you have a chance to beat them with a higher jackpot. Check the strategies of the game and become a prizetaker, leaving all the other players at the table in the dust.