Best Live Casino Bonuses to Play Live Dealer Casino

Like kittens love milk, online players love casino bonuses. They’re your key to carefree fun with no fear of losing too much money. Sites award you with additional methods to gain extra cash, and you are welcome to use the funds in your play. Minimum effort is required from you, so relax and enjoy Live Dealer casinos with the best games provided. Best of all, this is not a one-time thing; multiple promotions are available to you throughout the gaming experience.

New Player Bonus

Hi there! Are you used to greeting everyone when you see them for the first time? Online casinos do the same. As soon as you become a member of the house, you get a present. It may come in the form of deposit bonus, which means you make an input and receive a certain amount of free money to your balance. Or you can obtain a non-cashable promo for a fixed time period. It can also be a Match Bonus. But no matter what the offer is, it’s presented for the first investment only.

Match Bonus

Want to create your own luck? Right after your casino balance is boosted by a deposit, this sum gets matched to a percentage of the bonus, which increases the amount. Let us say you have a 100% offer: That means your funds get doubled in a few seconds. But keep in mind that there is a maximum, which you won’t be able to overstep.

Second Deposit Bonus

Enjoying the fun of live games, you can’t help but make another investment in order to extend your gaming time. That’s when you hit another bonus for the second deposit. It is usually a match bonus, and again, you’re the one who decides the final sum. The higher the sum you put in, the higher the amount of free money you get in the end.

Get Bonus in Live Dealer Casinos

Refer A Friend

Sharing useful information is always valued.  If you know a great casino or game, why not invite your friend? Once a new member enters a code, which signifies that you are the one who extended the invitation, you get some cash for free. What’s more, numerous casinos provide bonuses for both you and your friend. Pretty sweet offer, huh?

VIP Loyalty Program

Depending on the casino, there may be ways to gain loyalty points and exchange them for other goodies later. They can be a reward for the wagered cash, and there will be a personal manager that counts the items for you. This promo is great for regular players, who regularly win and withdraw money. Become a special guest of the house and take advantage of your status.

Exclusive Bonuses

Sometimes you may encounter one-off bonuses which take place only here and now. When this happens you can’t miss the chance, since there is no guarantee you’ll get it again.

Suited 7’s

Blackjack lovers, come out and get your bonus! Once you are lucky enough to collect 3 7’s of different suits during the game, you are automatically rewarded with an instant offer. An obligatory side bet must be placed if you aim to get the promo. Enjoy the progressive jackpot live, or obtain other gifts which boost your balance.

Live Games with the Casino Bonuses

In-Game Quiz Questions in The Chat

So you’re playing and you see a trivia question on your screen? Don’t waste any time—hurry up and give the right answer if you know it. The first player to give the right answer receives free cash. Correct answers can make you rich—just be attentive to the live chat and your gaming skills will help you out.

Daily Promotions

Do you visit the casino every day? Time to get rewarded for that. Being a player who makes regular deposits and consistently plays the entertainments provided, you are free to claim a bonus and receive free cash or other presents. New members can’t activate this promo; it’s the privilege of advanced gamers.

High Roller Bonus

If the minimum deposit of general promos starts with $5, $10 or $15, this bonus requires a bit more. The size of your input should be a 3-digit number, which can increase to the one mentioned in the terms. When you transfer such a high amount to your balance, the casinos award you with an even higher sum for free. It’s always nice to see your balance grow, especially when you’re not the one contributing the money!

How to Receive Bonuses

It’s as simple as ABC. Fun mode players can only observe others winning real cash. If you want to become a winner, the only method is getting registered in the casino. Then nothing but your first deposit is required to start the adventure of games and bonuses. After you boost your balance, you are eligible to claim promotions and get some extra money. You trust the casino and it pays you back in a form of additional monetary presents: the perfect relationship!