Best Live Dealer Casinos to Play Sic Bo

Is this your lucky day? Time to find out. Top Live Casinos giving you the chance to try their Sic Bo alternative and  win real money. You can try it out on Bet365, Betfair or GoWild casino—each site offers you real-time pastime full of exciting winnings and profits. Experience the Asian version of the famous game craps, and watch the dice bring you cash prizes with each shot.

How to Play Live Sic Bo

If you are a new player and this game is unknow to you, don’t despair. First, you can try the casino’s fun mode for free. That is how you will get acquainted with the entertainment. Otherwise, you can learn the rules, winning strategies and specialties of Sic Bo on various gambling blogs, or experience it right here with us in the leading live dealer casinos. We reveal every single feature you should know about the amusement before playing for real money.


This Asian dice game is now available for you in live format, but what are you supposed to do? Well, you simply make a stake on 3 dice roll outcomes, and if the dice are on your side, you can freely collect the huge cash winning. There are Single Number, Pair/Match, Small/Big, Double, Triple and Total Bet varieties that differ in their conditions and payouts. Learn them better to make a killing.

Tips to Win Sic Bo with Live Dealer

You want to win the game, right? Then you should find out everything there is to know about it and try to use as many tips as you can come across. First of all, the risk is high and you’d better bet on a combination, not separate numbers. Next, learn the payout of each roll before playing, so you’ll know what a failure might cost you. Join a casino with such bonuses that you can use during gameplay, and bet small to increase the winning chances.

Play Sic Bo in the Best Live Casino

Exotic Game of Chance

Before paper was invented, the Chinese enjoyed a game of chance which included coloured stones and dice. For a long time, the entertainment was unknown to others, until some Chinese players decided to immigrate to the States in 1990s and brought the game with them. That is how Americans found out a new way of gambling. Now they’re letting you try the amusement.

Live Sic Bo Options

Launching the game, you should be aware of its features in order to take advantage. Beyond the general rules, there are some more options, which you can use during play to benefit from any condition. Time to find more tips hiding right in the game.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

This is something to be aware of in any game. The amount of your stake depends on the game conditions, but there are points that remain the same. According to a bet kind you place, there can be various payoffs at the end. The options can be from 1:1 up to 180:1 win, and it’s up to you to pick an alternative.

Game Tour History in Player Window

If you feel uncertain or discouraged about your gaming, you can always enter your account and check out the history of your winnings. That is how you will be able to create your own statistics of wins and try to analyze what you need in the next game. All the info is available in a few clicks.

Statistics of Previous Plays

As the game involves numerous bet types, you are bound to change the stakes pretty often. Is there anything wrong, or do you simply want to recall your actions? No worries—you are free to check out the data of all your bets in the form of percentages and analyze what happened before starting play again.

Top Live Dealer Casino Offers You Sic Bo


This is so convenient and fast. You regulate the Autobet option on any table you like and set fixed conditions. Now you can just observe how winnings make your balance increase. Besides, you can make it so that the feature stops as soon as losses occur or in any other situation.

Video Streaming Quality

Speed and quality of play isn’t just up to the game creator. Both the provider and your Internet connection play a big role. The first creates perfect conditions for you, including colourful graphics and design, while the second one assures smooth and fast action.

Picture Resolution Selection

When it comes to picture quality, good internet speed will be your savior. Once your connection is on its highest position, you can freely enjoy an HD quality picture. If you have doubts about the speed, choose the low-definition option and relish the game in that way. And if the things are really bad, you can always launch the game without picture and try your luck like that.

Full Screen Mode

What exactly do you want to see? There are two alternatives to choose from. You can either select a closer option and have a table view with all the icons and items right in front of your nose. Or, you can pick casino view and have a wider visibility, watching everyone from above.