Best Live Dealer Casinos for USA

Ready to try your luck in one of the virtual gambling houses with live dealer? Check out all the offers from modern software operators in the Land of the Free. Just imagine – you sit at home or wherever you happen to be, and experience a casino game complete with real dealer. Nice!

Online Gambling Legality in USA

Web gabling is legal under state regulations; however, there are some limits regulating this hazardous sphere. Every country is responsible for inspecting and controlling such activities on its territory. In case of the lotteries set by the states, there are no restrictions and problems.

There are only 2 states where live dealer casinos are completely legal and available to thrill-seekers: Nevada and Louisiana. Here betting is allowed everywhere. Other states confine amusements to certain establishments. The field is here strictly monitored. Most players would rather try the online entertainments that are offered by other countries with legalized gambling.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) is an American statute controlling web gambling. It bans relevant businesses from accepting payments from a third party for online wagers that are illegal under any federal or state law.

American Gaming Association

AGA stands for The American Gaming Association. Located in Washington, it originated in 1994 with the aim of protecting and lobbying on behalf of the hazardous amusement sphere. It represents casino analysts, fiscal and qualified service firms, software providers and the assignees of the local betting organizations.

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Offshore Casinos for Americans

This type of entertainment may be exciting to many people, but to keep it properly regulated takes effort. Because of the US legal situation, most of the chance-taking institutions patronized by its citizens are located abroad. That does not prevent Americans from playing a variety of games.

Online Gambling Law by States

Each state has the right to regulate and monitor gambling in its territory. There are some areas where authorities distinguish between virtual and land-based establishments. That is, they apply different rules to those 2 types. Some regions accept only the second kind. It all depends on the authority in charge.

Banking Methods for US Players

People don’t usually gamble to spend a lot of money, but with the goal of winning something. That’s usually the top priority. So, for you to better manage your finances, we recommend checking out all possible banking options that will help you watch your wallet.


For depositing, you have several methods available. They all have some quirks, both good and bad. First of all, you can use credit cards – online casinos usually admit Visa, MasterCard, American Express. A banking transfer is also possible, but it is a bit time-consuming. The best payments are arranged by electronic wallets. They are available day and night, and the transactions are almost always instant.


Withdrawing your gains? Here some problems can emerge. The quantity of money you can withdraw may be limited, and very often a fee is required. Still, you have to pick one if you want to withdraw your cash. The same methods as for depositing can be used here, but with some restrictions. The charge can be either fixed and interest-bearing. The conditions relating to this issue are mentioned on the site of each live dealer casino.

Casino Promo

One distinctive feature of all betting houses is that they offer their clients a great selection of bonuses and promotions. That is a form of encouragement that attracts users and enhances the odds of their staying longer in the club.

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Everyday Bonuses

These benefits are provided almost each day for the thrill-seekers. If the institution sees that an individual displays a high level of activity, they may hand the gamer some more valuable perks. Some sites offer a promotion simply for entering the site for the first time every day.

Registration Bonuses

One of the most beloved bonuses is for registration. Providers use this strategy to draw in more and more of their target audience. To get it, simply sign up (create your personal profile in the system), and a Welcome Package will be presented to you. Only new players can get it.

VIP bonuses

Each staking room has its VIP clients. They play by different rules than the usual gamblers. Additionally, they are offered another set of bonuses. Those can include participation in tournaments for high-rollers or the highly experienced. These players can also get some additional prizes for meeting a few little requirements. After all, VIP users need VIP service.

Live Dealer Features

The live mode option attracts huge numbers of bettors. You can search for games where this form of play is offered. It’s a chance to see a genuine dealer – and these dealers come from around the world and have unique ways of running the game. Watch the dealer’s expressions and body language during the game, and learn to be attentive.

Live Chat

Apart from the opportunity watch the man or woman who deals the cards, you can turn on the live chat option. Here you can communicate with the other people who participate in the amusement and understand who they really are.

Tips for Live Dealers

There are many similarities between live casinos and earth-based establishments. A common feature is a chance to leave tips for the dealer. Yes, really. Get on the dealer’s good side with some additional cash.

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Multi-Table Games

If you think of yourself as an avid thrill-seeker, and one tab isn’t enough for you—you’re in luck. Today, it’s possible to play in several windows simultaneously. Select this option, and you must be attentive, since now you have to keep an eye on a whole handful of games.

Live Dealer Games for American Gamblers

The number of the games that are offered in live mode is limited. These include blackjack, baccarat and roulette. Of course, there are some more items, but those 3 variants are most beloved by the visitors of the virtual gambling places.


The other name of this entertainment is 21. The main rule is that you have to gather 21 points in order to win. If you collect more – you lose automatically. The cards from 2 to 10 are counted by their numbers. The face cards bring you 10 points each. The Ace is worth 1 or 11 – you choose which helps you get to 21.


Baccarat is a very ancient pastime. Two people take part in the game: the player and the dealer. All other individuals can bet on the winner. Number cards are valued from 2 to 9, and the Ace is worth 1.

The rest of the cards are worth 0 points. If the sum of the pips exceeds 10, the client loses 10 instantly. For instance, if you get two 9’s, your points then are 9+9-10=8. A little complicated, right?


Most gamblers love roulette. European, American or French – choose your favorite. Whichever you choose, the rules are not so different. There is a wheel divided into red, black and green segments–37 in all. 1 is devoted to 0. Some have a double zero – 00. You have to name the number and color where a metal marble will fall. You win or lose based on your guess.