Best Live Dealer Casino Applications

When you launch an online casino, you can feel a little bit lonely, since the world of virtual gambling leaves you alone with the games. However, that can all change once you join Live Dealer format and get in touch with real people playing the same game with you around the globe. Have fun in the real-time format and win real money enjoying the entertainment right through your mobile device.


Before talking details, let us determine which gadget you own. Modern online casinos tend to present their applications created especially for multiple devices. That way all the players are satisfied, and as the whole world is divided into 2 types (iOS and Android lovers), everything is as simple as that.


Well-designed, simple and high-quality. Apple products are widely used throughout the world. Take out your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and make sure you activate Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. All you need is the updated OS (requirements depend on a certain casino) and the rest will come with the high speed of the device.


While the previous company includes only 3 products with their variations, this one presents you smartphones and tablets of Samsung, HTC, Asus, LG, Moto, Nexus, Sony and more. Take advantage of high-tech breakthroughs with waterproof creations, presenting you long battery life and the ability to play without any slowdowns.


Your game can’t start until you become a member of the casino. And this task is rather easy to complete. Create your new account entering some personal data, such as your name, surname, date of birth (you must be 18 or older), country, currency of your money transactions and e-mail address.

Way to Get Live Casino App

The process of getting the application varies from one casino to another. You can choose from among numerous ways, and all of them will work if your gaming site offers the choice to use them. Learn more about Live Casino applications and find out which method will be more convenient for you.

live casino app on the go

App Store

If you’re an Apple product user, you definitely know that App Store is the place to get all kinds of applications, whether it’s Instagram or Live Casino. Enter the name of the casino in the special field and find the program of your choice.

Google Play

Android fans have their own source where they can download mobile apps – Play Market. Here everything is as simple as that. You just text the title of the gaming portal and see the results. Find the one you’re looking for and press the button to get it asap.


Another option you can use is getting the URL of the application. You just request the Live Casino program on your portable gadget and receive an e-mail with the link, which takes you to the app. One click, and you achieve the goal a few minutes.

QR Code

Your smartphone/tablet has a camera, right? Perfect! First, get a QR (quick response) code application and launch the program. Now you can scan the code presented on the casino site, and as soon as it reads the pattern, you will be taken right to the Live Casino app.

Video Streaming

One of the most important items is the speed of the gaming process. This condition depends on several factors, and you should check them all before launching a Live Casino. Static images on your screen won’t bring you either enjoyment or winnings.

Internet Connection

As you play on your mobile, the only way to access an Internet connection is turning on Wi-Fi or activate your cellular data (2G/3G/4G). And the better the service is, the greater chances you have to play without any irritation. Live games are worth the effort!


You will usually experience your game of choice in landscape format. Once you enter a casino application on your gadget, it asks you to rotate the screen. much better for you, because now all the icons are bigger and you can observe the whole scene.

Multi-Table Play

Experiencing several games at once? Why not! Once your casino offers you such an option, hurry to take advantage of it. Your screen gets divided into several columns where the entertainments are presented. That way you can concentrate your attention on multiple rounds at the same time.

get an app for your live casino

Push Messages

When the app asks to send you notifications, don’t be in a hurry to press ‘No.” If you allow the messages, you will receive relevant information about last updates of the application, new bonuses of the casino and fresh game releases. Keep up with the data and be the first to take advantage of it.

Payments in Handy Play

No matter where you go and what you do, you’ll likely end up making deposits. If you really want to experience the games of Live Casinos, you can’t avoid transferring some funds to your balance. Doing that on your portable gadget is as simple as that—the process is easy and safe.

Cashier Options

The first step to take on the way to riches is going to the casino Cashier. Here you are presented with various deposit methods, among which you can easily find your favorite credit/debit card, e-wallet, bank wire and more. Pick a mechanism and get started uploading your profile amount.

Adding and Deleting Payment Methods

If you have preferences in deposit or withdrawal options, you can regulate your account. Delete the methods you think you won’t use and add your favorite ones in the list of your personal payments. Create your own register and keep it ready at hand for faster actions.

Practice Mode in Live Dealer Games

To tell the truth, there are only a few Live Casinos offering practice mode, and that’s understandable. The number of seats are limited, and it’s much better for the sites if the seats are occupied by real money players. Besides, running this business is more expensive than regular online games. That is why you should make a deep search first.

Limited Demonstration

Once you found a live casino for free, it will show you the gameplay of the other players. But do not count on something large, because the time is also fixed. You observe a part of the process while the other players demonstrate you their skills; that will go until the casino limit ends and you have to make a deposit.

Cashier Notifications

If you can’t stand ads, then these demos might not be for you. You will see a pop-up window with a suggestion to play for real money in front of your nose very often. That is how the casinos try to encourage you to join the games with cash. Nothing can be done about it; all you can do is tolerate the popups… or become a real money player.