Best Live Dealer Casinos for Real Money

Play a game that goes beyond virtual and includes a piece of real life with Live Dealer option. Play card and table games with other users and feel the atmosphere of risk and excitement. Let’s check out what you need to do to enhance your fun.

Become a Member of Live Casino

Derive benefits from a step-by-step instruction describing how you can open your own account and launch live games. First, you are to provide your name and some contact details like your valid e-mail address (unique for each profile). Provide your date of birth, because no one under 18 years old is permitted to join a casino. Create a username you like and a password, so that your account stays private. Pick a currency, a deposit limit, security question and… you are ready to experience everything for real.

Payment Options Available

Now you are a decision-maker. Each casino offers you a list of payment methods, which usually includes credit/debit cards, cash transfers, e-wallets, prepaid cards, vouchers, online banking, etc. The main difference is that some of them may not provide the necessary currency. Besides, some services are universally applicable; the rest are available only in certain countries.


Depending on the payment option chosen, you must type in all the necessary info, choose the sum you want to transfer and confirm the process. The casino balance will be shown on your profile. Be careful: The quantity of the methods is limited and once it is reached, you must remove one of them.

Terms of Use

No matter how well you know all the rules of online casino, the first and foremost rule for each player is learning the conditions of methods for input and outcome. Some portals provide such restrictive limits that real money play becomes senseless. Check the terms and see which option will make you happy.

live dealer casinos for real money

Remove Payment Option

Every casino profile has several banking methods. Each of them is presented on your account and once one becomes inactive, you can easily remove it from your cabinet. That is where you can look through the list of alternatives you can use, your transaction history and other data.


A deposit into your casino balance opens the way to numerous benefits. You can receive casino bonuses, play games for real cash, and win money. Each method for investments provides its own conditions, and you should read through all of them; this is the only 100% reliable method to pick the best one.

Maximum and Minimum Deposit

The limit of your deposit sum can be determined by the method itself. You check the description and see the amount of the min and max investment it’s possible to make. Another smart thing to do is to set the limit for inputs on your own. That way you will be liable to control your funds by yourself.

Currencies to Use

The more currencies a method includes, the more users can make use of the option. The choice depends on the country you are from, because converting cash takes some time and no one likes waiting. Learn available variants before picking any payment mechanism and click “Confirm.”

Deposit Speed

You are likely to see instant banking systems, which transfer the cash from your bank account to casino accounts, frequently. The money enters your balance very fast and you can observe the process in your profile. Be aware of those options that require a couple of days to complete a transaction.


As soon as you win a jackpot, the desire to cash out the pile of money will get very strong. Make sure you know the details of withdrawal options and hurry to redeem the funds from the account. Below, we reveal the secrets and explain it all in the simplest way possible.

live casino for real money

Withdrawal Process

If you have only one payment option in your profile, the money will be transferred there. But some options can only be used for deposits, not withdrawals. If you’ve chosen such a method, your withdrawal will be sent by bank transfer, and you will be asked to provide some documents to allow the transfer to take place. In case there are several methods in your account, the wins will be transacted to the one with the highest total sum invested. Some tips: remove inactive banking mechanisms, upload the info and have at least 3 accounts.

Reverse Withdrawal

Reliable high-quality methods provide extra features to encourage users. That is how some casinos offer the chance to reverse the withdrawal process in case any error takes place or you fail to redeem the cash. It’s always good to have a plan B.

Identification for a Withdrawal

You might be asked to show identification when you decide to convert a big sum of money into cash, when you’re trying to use a card that doesn’t actually belong to you, or if your account was inactive for a while.

Live Casino Personal Account

Opening your own profile in a live casino to play in real time, you get a chance to conduct money transactions and save the history of your bets, the bonuses you used and your vouchers. You can inspect the changes connected with the account and payment methods. What is more, it is very easy to subscribe to free bonuses and stay on top of the situation.

Make a First Bet

Once the registration part is over and you have already uploaded your payment service with some cash, you can easily make deposits. Pick your favorite game with a live dealer and place stakes to experience huge winnings. You can engage in fun real-life communication with the banker.