Best Live Dealer Casinos Reviews

In recent years the popularity of online live dealer casinos has greatly grown. Give them a try if the standard graphics games have become too boring and the random number generator pleases you no more. Try this unique mode and play face to face with a real dealer.

How We Find Casinos for Examination

We are here to help you investigate the best virtual gambling houses. Once you have decided to get started betting, put all emotions aside and don’t be in a rush. That’s the most important tip. Beyond that, there are 3 key principles on which to base your choice.

  • 24-hour customer support. This is essential, especially for new players. They have many questions, and in order to get trusted answers, they should contact support. The operator can tell players how the system works, describe possible ways to withdraw cash, and clarify what you should do in case of Internet connection interruption, among many other urgent matters. If you need an answer instantly, use online chat; e-mail support takes a bit longer.
  • Withdrawal issues. Each gambler is curious about the methods for withdrawing money. When choosing a casino, first check the banking section and see if it has the options you need. Most good casinos offer all sorts of e-wallets, cards and wire transfer. There are 2 basic notions to remember: wagering and limits. Examine the rate of the wager and the maximum sum you can withdraw. Without the knowledge of these peculiarities, it will be difficult for you to make the most of the game.
  • Strategies. You should try the basic blackjack strategies for estimating the winning odds in a given online gambling house. This will help you decide if it’s worth signing in and playing.

How Live Dealer Works

Sitting in front of the computer, the bettor can watch the croupier and have an opportunity to communicate with him and make a bet by word of mouth. The screen shows real-time video, which creates the effect of being in a true gaming club. The operators started implementing this function to mimic the atmosphere of the ground-based houses.

Live dealer best casino reviews

Main Differences Between Them

Naturally, it is very complicated to create a virtual casino that is maximally similar to the real one. But in today’s tech era, nothing is impossible. Contemporary live dealer portals are hardly distinguishable from the genuine establishments.

Virtual casinos have none of the noise that is so annoying in their real-life counterparts. Of course, being in a land-based house you can order food, beverages, etc. But apart from that, there are no other significant differences.

Software Providers

Operators very often buy their software platforms from various providers. We can explain such cooperation by the desire of the business owner to satisfy the tastes of all thrill-seekers. Some users prefer the music from NetEnt; some of them love the interfaces designed by Microgaming or interesting plots from Playtech. There are no identical people, so their interests vary as well.

Games Collections

Generally, almost all web betting clubs offer video poker with the possibility to turn live dealer on. Among other available entertainments, you may come across different roulette types (American, European or French). This option is also provided for blackjack and baccarat. It intensifies the gambling atmosphere and makes the game more exciting.

Multiple Camera Angles

Live dealer has lots of advantages. One great feature is controlling the camera position. That is, you can change the classic head-on view to 3D detailed video using the mouse. Moreover, it is possible to alter the angle of the recording, the quality of the stream and the focus (from the dealer face to the cards, for instance).


Every portal has its own peculiarities that make it special. Some of them offer the chance to play at the VIP tables, where you have a personal croupier. There are also sites which let gamblers make a stake on other users if there are no free places at the tables. You can also come across houses where there is a special uniform. The imagination has no limits when the operators want to bring in more clients.

live dealer casino reviews

Live Dealer Studios

The locations where the stream is recorded include the following: Riga (Latvia), San Jose (Costa Rica), London (United Kingdom), Manila (Philippines) and Dublin (Ireland). You will also find Malta, Estonia, Isle of Man, Slovakia, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium, Spain, Cambodia and Finland in the list. Just recently they have started streaming from Atlantic City in the USA (as of August 2016).

How Our Ratings Can Help You

All the information that we have just described will help you choose a worthwhile place for gambling entertainment. Let’s look at an overview of what you’ll get out of this article.

Casino Rating

Firstly, you will be able to form your own rating of the casinos by using the selection principles. Naturally, you can encounter multiple reviews of the top-notch virtual live clubs on the net. Compare it with your own criteria and then decide whether to play or not.

Screenshots and Videos

The game is performed in real-time mode. If you’re proud of your brilliant play, you can take screenshots to confirm it when boasting to your friends. In addition, there is the option of video recording – you can save a coy of the whole betting process on your computer.

Use Our Experience

Here we share our own gambling experience for you to get a picture of this chance-taking activity. You can either listen to it, or skip it and make your own investigation. The goal is to save your money and time, and to show you the most worthwhile lobbies with live croupier.

What to Do About “Bad” Casinos

There are more dishonest or “bad” online gaming houses than good ones. The Internet is teeming with them. We recommend playing in such portals only in free practice mods. Real-money performance can greatly disappoint you. It is better to conduct research, learn all the negatives and gamble only then. There are trustworthy institutions out there—why waste time on something bad?