Best Live Dealer Casinos that Accept Neteller

Let’s party! We’ve explored the world wide web in the search of official info, fresh data and real money players’ experience, tips, facts. We worked hard to provide you with reviews of live dealer online casinos.

There’s a multitude of places where you can make bets in a real time in the company of the dealer. They can all be rated by safety, popularity, bonuses, game content and banking. Thrill-seekers all over the globe are interested in this latter aspect.

Neteller, the payment system, is owned by a Canadian company, but is run under the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA). The main benefits of ewallet banking in the casino are anonymity, security and easy withdrawal, the features we are looking in real money gambling.

How to Get a Neteller Account

There are few simple steps you need to take before you make the most of Neteller live casino opportunities. The first action is to create an account in the payment mechanism. Don’t confuse it with a casino profile—you’ll need both.

When that’s done, you will get 2 ID numbers – the account and security codes from the company. Next you will need to log in to make cash transactions for launching live roulette, poker and blackjack.

Neteller Two-Step Authentication

Neteller live casinos

From the standpoint of security, 2-step authentication is much better, more convenient and safer for the thrill-seekers. We will tell you why.

Earlier you entered your Neteller secure ID for making payments on the casino site; now you’ll provide the merchant with the one-time 6-digit code without sharing your unique ID.

To avail yourself of the new service, you need to have the Google Authenticator on your phone, PC or another device. You will use it when you need another secure 6-digit code. A very common mistake is to forget to enable the settings for that option in the account.

Money Management in Live Casino

Unless you are Bill Gates, you need to keep an eye on your inputs and outputs. Of course, Bill Gates needs to control his cash too, but he has people to do that for him. What about you? Want an expert to help you make the most of your money?

Check out our report on min and max amounts for depositing and withdrawing operations in the Neteller and online gambling houses bounds.

Deposit Limits

Want to avoid making an account? Unfortunately, you can’t. If you want to play for money, you need to sign up and put in the minimum deposit amount. Otherwise, stick with Fun Mode.

Interested in playing for money? You should know that the minimal thresholds of the banking mechanism and gambling house vary: £10 (on the Neteller side) against $20 at the casino.

See the difference? So, when the reviewers of such casinos point out their small min deposit, that may be of no use to you. But you are free to credit £25,000 to your account!

Withdrawal Limits

The minimum and maximum cashout limits— £5 – £30,000—are reasonable, but again, research them before you start. People who find the limits fair will also want to know the timescale factor for the transactions to get in on the action.

Banking Timescale

Most of the time, gamblers have the most trouble with the withdrawal operations. The houses and banking options ask for 3 to 5 days or even a week for verifying and completing the cashout. /w/ith Neteller, you won’t have trouble; the transaction is carried out immediately.

live casino with Neteller

Neteller Fees

Looking around the web for the details on fees, you’ll see casino banking ads that mention free of charge ewallets. That is only partly true, and after investigating the subject, we ask you not to swallow the bait. Moreover, the method has 2 taxes, which don’t have any relation to gambling:

  1. for the currency transaction – 3,39%, the VIP member exchange – 1%
  2. administrative


On the payment service site, you will find a page that lists deposit options. Below each there is a figure of the deposit fee ranging from 1% up to 9%. As of October 17, 2016, every Skrill input includes a 3% fee.


The free withdrawal option via the merchant sites may not satisfy everyone, so there are other variants, like Money Transfer.

Net + Cards

Another option to save money is through the net, using virtual, plastic or gift cards. You can obtain up to 5 virtual cards amounting up to 1,000 credits on each; after the first one, you have to pay a $3 fee for the rest.

Net + Virtual card

Such tools are not destined for long-term use; once you go over the limit, the card becomes useless. But they are a cheap option.

Net + Virtual Gift Cards

The Net + Virtual Gift card is used in casinos anywhere MasterCard is available. The payment cards support AUD, EUR, GBP, SEK, DKK, USD and more, so you can give it as a present to anyone. To get one, go to the Neteller site.

play live casino with Neteller

Levels of Neteller VIP Program – Increase Your Withdrawal Limit Per Day

There is at least one reason to join the banking service—because of the company’s VIP options! For their clients, they offer rewards, lower withdrawal charges and so on, but you have to obtain the Diamond level card to get max profits.

Stay Safe While Betting

The background of the comprehensive study is safe playing. You have to be in the know about all fees and fine print, and avoid spending too much money on betting, because throwing your money away won’t bring happiness. Here we have tips, hints to follow in order to avoid extra expenses.

Keep Information Private

If you provide gambling houses with your personal info, the data protection provided by the e-wallet won’t be as strong. When operating with the mechanism, you don’t need to share personal details of your card with the casino.

Review Transaction History

Once you’ve gotten started using Neteller, be sure to check the transaction history to make sure you know how much you’re spending.