Best Live Casinos Accepted PayPal

The operators have always striven to provide the gamblers with a game that is maximally similar to a real casino. With online live dealer mode, they have brought a genuine revolution to the virtual world of gaming. That is not the only reason why people adore such houses. They also accept PayPal as one of the available methods. The combination of these 2 issues makes the experience perfect.

Play Live Dealer with E-Wallet

In all of the Internet, PayPal is the best known high-end company dealing with electronic payments. It also takes top place among the players. Available for both funding and withdrawing, it is favored for regular usage. It started to operate in 1998 and quickly introduced the following special features, which the users greatly appreciate:

  • high sustainability
  • internationality
  • friendly support
  • wide coverage
  • mobile application for iOS and Android

Countries to Use PayPal

One of the points above was a wide coverage. It is true. About 200 nations can use this platform for gambling purposes. 50 countries from Africa (Malawi, Niger, Cameroon, Egypt, Guinea, Burundi, etc.), both North and South America lands (Argentina, Greenland, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Paraguay and so on) are included.

Asia Pacific (Armenia, China, India, Australia, Thailand, Laos, Fiji and others) and Europe states (Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, France, Slovenia and so forth) are also in the number. There are some locations where it is not permitted to use the service. They are Iran, Saint Christopher and Nevis Federation, Korea and the Islamic countries.

PayPal Credit

Probably the biggest advantage is the possibility to apply for credit. to take advantage of this option, just find the application form on the site and complete it with all the required information. The managers will give an answer to your request instantly. Being approved, you obtain a limit to your credit, which is attached to your profile. After that, you can freely use it for making bets.

PayPal payment option in live casino

Register Your PayPal Account in Live Casino

Each online live casino has a set of possible payment methods on its website. You can find them in the relevant section (Bankin, Balance or Cashier, for instance). If you don’t have a PayPal account, choose it from the list, and you will be moved to registration. Once you have signed up, you can arrange any transactions.

Personal Cabinet

Your account will contain everything you have indicated during the registration. This means you can check your personal and financial information right in the site. Tick the “Remember Me” button and the system will keep you signed in by default. It will automatically remember your username and created password (optional). This option is very convenient if you play from your home personal computer or phone.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits for PayPal

Thrill-seekers have finally found the service with the lowest limits for depositing. You can come across gambling houses where it is possible to fund minimal amounts like $1-5. For the average bettors, this is great. The withdrawal limits can change. Firstly, they are fixed. Then, as you keep on playing for a long time and make high stakes, they can increase.

Last Transactions

Using the profile, you can follow your betting activity. This means that you can monitor how much cash you have deposited and decide on the next transaction. If you see that this week you have spent more than you planned, you slow down the next week. You can check the latest operations and get a general picture of your gaming activities.

Withdrawal Timescale

While depositing is instant, withdrawing makes you wait for about 24 hours before the money arrives. One working day is not too long, compared to the other methods which require 3-5 days either to approve or to reject the application, plus the time till cash comes to your account.

Live dealer casino with PayPal

Bonuses in PayPal Casinos

Once you have decided to gamble at a certain virtual casino, check the terms for the 1st deposit bonus. You can get it only one time, so don’t lose your shot. For instance, if the lobby operator, which accepts PayPal, offers 100% match promo up to $50 – top up your balance with exactly this sum. That way you will receive the biggest profit.

You can also gain a prize for simply using the payment service – on average, $10-20. One more chance is to play for free for 1 hour, if you deposit the correct amount via the mechanism.

Choose Live Dealer Game

First of all, find a reliable gaming club. If you manage to do that, proceed with your game of choice. The procedure of choosing a game with live dealer is not complicated. It involves several steps:

  1. Select the type of the entertainment
  2. Check if it offers the live mode (including chat)
  3. Examine the minimum stakes
  4. Gamble 🙂

Live Croupier Games Variety

People who are used to playing in land-based lobbies and talking to other players, find online play phony and unrealistic. That’s why the digital games with live dealer mode are a great alternative for them.


According to experienced players, baccarat has lost its individual charm and become less than exciting in the online environment. the animated process of the cards being dealt will never live up to the real activity. However, the thrill-seekers now think differently, as they have the chance to test it with a genuine person on the screen.

PayPal payments in live casino


There is nothing better than spinning the roulette with a real croupier. Here are more possibilities for communication. The key attraction resides in the active performance, where the gambler makes the bets and feels the excitement and thrill of lice lay. The providers have made lots of efforts to reach the same effect in the web version, adding the feature of a live dealer.


When it was decided to implement the option of the real dealer in blackjack, the card counters were the first to gleefully rub their hands. but the operators are not stupid and they secured themselves against such users. Nevertheless, there are the true fans of 21 and it is an amazing opportunity for them to enjoy this game.

Free Mode

If you need a way to relax after work or just spend your free time without thinking about serious stuff, get ready to experience free mode. It doesn’t demand you deposit cash or make real bets. You can just play using virtual funds and have fun.

Real Money Play

Making good money, paid all your bills and there is still some money? We’ll help you make use of it. Choose any of the above-mentioned amusements, read the rules, top up your PayPal account and wager for real. It’s the way to win real money.

Safety and Security

In the modern world, there is nothing absolutely risk-free. Hackers will go to the ends of the Earth to get what they want. Luckily, payment services have achieved a lot in terms of security policy. Let’s go through the basic points one by one:

  • Information protection: all the data you store in you profile is safe from the fraudsters due to the advanced encryption
  • Secure transactions: All financial operations you perform are free from danger. To lessen the odds of the hacker attacks, we suggest involving a computer or other device you don’t use for surfing the Internet
  • Protection programs: There not even a tiny chance that third parties will take the money from your balance. There are the embedded programs for avoiding it.